Wednesday, April 23, 2014

October Slough Gills

While hunting the Slough during the early waterfowl season. I told myself  that I better return between the end of early waterfowl and the duck season closing. The 2nd of October, I returned to catch a few of those "Slough Gills". After a couple hours, on my knees, preying, I had a nice mess of tasty "Slough Gills"  ( Willow Slough Bluegills ).

Well, storm clouds appeared in the west, a cold hard wind began to howl and I've got no rain gear. So I assume the "lazy boyee" position ( my canoe has oar locks and the paddles are oars ) for the 2 mile row off the lake. The threat of rain passes making for a  very comfortable canoe ride.

Willow Slough is a major, natural migratory bird resting area.  I was ducking birds left and right. In the end I happen by a Bald Eagle on a cattail raft having dinner.

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Duck Hunt In Hell

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Duck Hunt In Hell 

Been a long winter here, record cold and snow, got 4 inches / 10 cm of snow on the "Blood Moon", this years first full moon of Spring, but let's go back to September of 2013.

Here's a duck hunt video filmed on the hottest September 10th in recorded history.  96 degrees is now the current record for this day. The temperature in the Bayous of Lasalle Fish and Wildlife Area had to be +100 with 100% humidity and no wind.

The ditch I had to canoe was a mile and a half mud hole, beaver dams and food stores blocked the ditch every 30 yards, forcing me to get out and drag the canoe across knee deep muck. When this ditch is at normal fall water levels I can canoe the mile+ to the Waterfowl Resting Area in 15 min, on this day it took every bit of 2 hours. One thing for sure, I love me some duck hunting.

This video is a little long, about 25 minutes, so grab a snack, your favorite beverage and a smoke( if its ok with mama), and get a laugh with this duck hunting fool on his "Duck Hunt In Hell".

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