Wednesday, April 23, 2014

October Slough Gills

While hunting the Slough during the early waterfowl season. I told myself  that I better return between the end of early waterfowl and the duck season closing. The 2nd of October, I returned to catch a few of those "Slough Gills". After a couple hours, on my knees, preying, I had a nice mess of tasty "Slough Gills"  ( Willow Slough Bluegills ).

Well, storm clouds appeared in the west, a cold hard wind began to howl and I've got no rain gear. So I assume the "lazy boyee" position ( my canoe has oar locks and the paddles are oars ) for the 2 mile row off the lake. The threat of rain passes making for a  very comfortable canoe ride.

Willow Slough is a major, natural migratory bird resting area.  I was ducking birds left and right. In the end I happen by a Bald Eagle on a cattail raft having dinner.

I hope you enjoy my little trip "October Slough Gills" as much as I did bringing it to you.  Please like and subscribe. Thanks, Garnie.

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