Thursday, January 24, 2013

First Lady Michelle Obama Rolls Eyes

Have you heard that the First Lady Michelle Obama rolled her eyes at Boehner because of something Boehner said to the President. "Professional" lip readers were called in to analyze the video and "read his lips". All a bunch of Fourth Estate(news/press) disinformation to discredit and degrade the First Lady of these United States. Yea, I've got proof. look at the photo compilation below.

At 3 seconds of the video, Boehner inappropriately "slaps" the First Lady on her arm while she is eating to get her attention. At  4 seconds of the video, the First Lady glances at Boehner in, what I see as, disgust. Boehner and "the press" owes the First Lady an apology and he should learn to keep his hands to himself.

Boehner slaps First Lady's arm.
First Lady Michelle Obama glances at Boehner after he slaps her arm.
Images from MS/NBC video

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