Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This was a Hot Summer

Thunder Bumper
Storm clouds to the south, low sun in the west. Somebodies getting rained on.

My future is behind me.
Self portrait, the mirror image from the rear window of my Explore.

Illinois Bundleweed
A native of the Midwestern tall grass prairie. A member of the Mimosa family of plants, commonly called the sensitivity plant.

Canada Geese
Geese loafing on a river mud flat. On the right is a tree felled (gnawed down) by a beaver.

Dog Bane Bush
A native tall grass prairie plant. Bane can mean "stay away", this plant is poisonous to dogs. It is also called Indian Hemp. Dog Bane fibers were used by Native Americans for rope, bowstrings and clothing.  

Unknown Plant
Haven't been able to ID this plant. If you know, leave a comment.

Portrait of a Soft-shell Turtle
I met this turtle on the trail. A big turtle, her shell was 2 feet long.  They have a soft leather like shell.

She was laying her eggs in the gravel. They are also called Pancake Turtle because of their low profile shell.

Over-Dressed for Heat-Stress
The start of another 2 mile hike in the blazin' summer sun.

Don't see many of these, a primitive wasp that looks menacing but are fairly shy.

Cooper Hawk
A young hawk use the yard as his training grounds.

Hottie aka Luckie dog

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