Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Short Walk Today.

July 11, 2011...

Think I'll make it a short walk today.  Limit it to a mile, early evening about 6:30 pm, a cool 94 degrees.

My Future is Behind Me.

Before we start we take time for a self-portrait. A reflection in a window on my truck. If you look closely you may see the inside of my truck.

My Future is Behind Me

Picture - winged Fly( Delphinia picta)

A south side view of a north bound fly. This Picture-winged Fly is sitting on my truck moving its wings as tho its sending flag signals.  

This fly is offend confused with the Med Fly but the Picture-winged Fly does not harm any fruit at any time of its life cycle. Its unusually large mouth parts can be used to ID this fly.

Feeds on Decaying Plants


Seeing lots of Catbirds in the area. Makes a 'meow' call, sounds like a cat.  In the Mockingbird Family, It mimics all other songbird and will sing a songbird medley for minutes, if not disturbed.  Good to your earhole!. 


Deer Fly

While walking the marsh, you may notice an insect about an inch long, zooming around your head. Chances are pretty good that  it's a Deer Fly and she's sizing you up for her blood meal.  Their bite is painful and they  are carriers of several diseases.

Deer Fly (Chrysops sp.)


Perch on the willow bush tips along the trail. Waiting for a bug that will make a nice meal.

Blue Dasher Dragonfly

Buckeye Butterfly

A butterfly that will migrate north and south as the summer season chages.

Buckeye Butterfly (Junonia coenia )
Cooper's Hawk

Hawk on a hot oak limb.

Cooper's Hawk

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  1. Hey Garnie I was sayin' that I thought the "short walk" was interesting. Where is this trail so I can avoid it. to many bugs...lol But really, I'm lookin' forward to the next short walk. :-)))